Blurb: About to turn sixteen, Jade was looking forward to getting her first car and a little more freedom. Life, however, had a different path in mind. A thirst for blood and newfound fangs exposed a secret world to her… a world hidden from humanity. To leave behind everything she knew and enter The Shadow Realm, she must embark on a fateful journey to uncover the truth about the past and understand her strange dreams. Daring efforts to unravel her destiny will reveal new powers, new friends, and very real enemies.

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Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/distant-memories-3

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About Me: I am a girl from Arkansas. I have always loved to read books, I like to get lost in worlds and become part of the characters lives of books I read. I decided to write my first book in 2017, before that I have written poetry or short stories, but nothing I was serious about. One day I started writing then a few months later I had a full length novel, I couldn’t stop writing once I started. My debut novel Distant Memories (The Shadow Realm Series) was published in March of 2018, which will be a YA Supernatural Fantasy Series. I am excited about this journey I have started to take and plan to write a lot more books.

Other than reading and writing, I like to watch movies. I am a big movie fan. I have been married since 2007, have two amazing daughters, and I have a lot of pets. I have a dog named Lady bug, my more exotic animals are some lizards, snakes, and tarantulas. I also work full time and own a General Store with my husband. I am always doing something, but I like to stay busy. I do hope to buy a large bus one day and travel to see everything I can in life.